Office for market access

Our office for market access (OMA) offers companies an opportunity to find out more about how they can bring their products to market.

This service is aimed at all sectors of the life sciences industry including pharmaceuticals, health technologies, diagnostics and devices.

We help companies understand how we appraise health technologies, and how NICE appraisals fit into the access pathway to NHS patients in relation to their product.

In circumstances where a company is not yet ready to work with NICE, or its product does not fall into our remit, we signpost to other bodies they should speak to. For example the Medicines and Healthcare products regulatory agency, the National Institute for Health Research or Public Health England. These referrals are provided free of charge.

Companies can come to us with questions about their market access plans, and where they could benefit from interacting with NICE and our associated stakeholders, OMA organises ‘safe harbour discussions’.

These discussions afford the company an opportunity to engage not only with NICE, but other stakeholders relevant to them. They are confidential, aiming to provide the company with answers to specific market access questions relating to its health technology. 

OMA tailor this service to each company’s needs. This carries a not-for-profit charge.

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