Each year NICE receives thousands of enquiries from our stakeholders including general enquiries, Freedom of Information requests and letters from parliamentarians.

Highlights from 2016/17:

Last year, the enquiry handling team responded to almost 12,000 calls, emails and letters. 

They also handled 118 freedom of information requests on topics such as:

  • Organisational structure
  • Awarded tenders and contracts for services
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Office for Market Access

Hot topics

Our sepsis guideline attracted much attention, especially from people who have had sepsis. They were pleased that the extensive media coverage of the new guideline helped to focus attention on this serious medical issue.

A high proportion of other enquiries were related to our technology appraisals and highly specialised technologies guidance. We also received many relating to campaigns or petitions for certain drugs to be approved, such as nivolumab for lung and renal cell cancer.

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