NICE in the news

The media team works with journalists to raise awareness of NICE's publications and remit in the UK.

They do this through holding press briefing, distributing press releases, publishing news stories, blog posts and videos, overseeing interviews and managing all of the corporate social media accounts.  

Highlights from 2016/17:

Over the year, the media team have spoken to, on average, 500 journalists every week.

The majority of news coverage generated from press releases and spokesperson interviews has been positive.

Where misconceptions of NICE's guidance or remit have appeared, the team has worked with the outlet in question to address these. 

NICE website news stories continue to be a valuable source of information for our audience, receiving a total of 2.8 million views over the year.

4p a day drug for breast cancer

In November 2016, we published a guideline on familial breast cancer. The guideline included a new recommendation to offer women anastrozole, a new 4p a day drug that is highly effective at preventing breast cancer in families at high risk.

Our news story was featured on the front page of the Daily Mail. It also appeared 14 times in print and online at several other outlets, including BBC News, the Daily Express, Daily Telegraph and Pharma Times.

The news was welcomed by charities and professional organisations. On the day, tweets about the guidance were seen over 12,000 times and reached over 145 people on Facebook.

Smoother driving to reduce smog

In December 2016, we published a guideline aiming to reduce road traffic related air pollution. Our news story was picked up across morning radio and television bulletins with NICE spokespeople interviewed on BBC Breakfast, ITV and LBC.

The announcement made the front page of national newspapers, including the Daily Mail, and the Daily Telegraph. It was covered extensively 100 times across print, online and broadcast outlets, including the Guardian, the Sun and the Independent.

Tweets related to the guidance were seen over 50,000 times and our interactions more than doubled compared to a standard day.

A shortlisted campaign

Last year, our work was shortlisted for the PR Moments “Media Relations Campaign of the Year In-House” for our ‘Think sepsis’ campaign.

Each year, sepsis kills three times more people than breast cancer. Our guidance says that people with life-threatening sepsis should be treated within the hour.

This campaign combined both raising awareness on social media about sepsis and media outreach. Our news story was covered on BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain, and BBC Solent. It ran on broadcast outlets over the course of the day.

We also secured widespread coverage across the national newspapers both in print and online, appearing in the Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and Daily Mirror.

The news was well received on social media, tweets were seen over 85,000 times, with over 1,000 interactions. We published three videos on our YouTube channel.

Social media

Our engagement rate through Twitter continued to increase overall, and the NICE Facebook channel has now reached over 1000 followers. This year we joined a new social media platform, Snapchat to reach an important and relevant younger audience.

For more details on our social media successes over the last year, please click through to this page.

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