Involving people with learning disabilities 

People with learning disabilities were recruited onto our care and support of older people with learning disabilities and learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges guideline committees in 2016.

This is the first time people with learning disabilities have sat as members of a NICE committee.

New committee member Paul Scarrott says he is “very excited” to be working with NICE. He thinks it is important for people who have learning disabilities to be involved.

The committee will spend two years assessing the evidence and developing recommendations for the new guidance.

Members are supported by a facilitator and easy read materials. This helps to ensure they fully understand what is being discussed and that their input is accurately recorded.

Dawn Wiltshire has also joined one of our committees. She says working with NICE helps to make sure people with learning disabilities are more visible in the health and social care sector.

Paul said: “Our experience allows us to understand what it’s like to use the services. We have a more personal experience than that of the professionals. They can see it from the outside, but we have a view from the inside. Without people with learning disabilities on the committee, this perspective would not be there.” 

Dawn said: "As I kept saying in the meeting, I want to be involved to make sure we aren’t pushed under the carpet!” 

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