Student champion scheme

The NICE Evidence Search student champion scheme is a national programme, which aims to improve the routine use of evidence-based information by future health and social care staff.  Evidence Search is an online service that provides access to selected and authoritative evidence in health and social care.

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The programme works with academics, library staff and student leads in universities to recruit student champions. The student champions receive training and support to enable them to share information about NICE Evidence Search with their fellow undergraduates in structured hands-on learning sessions.

The student champion scheme was piloted in 2010-11 with medical, nursing and pharmacy students. The student-led sessions now reach more than 2250 students per year. 

Highlights of 2016-17:

Spreading the word far and wide

The student champion team ran 21 training workshops for 36 different disciplines (including dentistry, physiotherapy and radiography).

The scheme continues to be very well evaluated with at least 80% of students reporting that they are using NICE evidence search after their peer-taught sessions. 

Identifying other ways to engage with our champions

An interactive ‘learning about NICE’ event has been created for student champions who have completed all of the evidence search training events they planned to deliver.

The event aims to increase their general understanding of how NICE operates, and to also highlight further opportunities for how they can work with us in the future. 

The comments we recieve show it is a successful programme:

“My understanding of NICE has improved a lot. I feel more confident in what it is and find it easier to now explain to others what is meant by NICE and what it does”

“Really interesting to see the challenges faced in implementing NICE guidance. We're directed to it a lot in lectures but seeing what it's like in practical terms enlightens you as to why it can never be followed perfectly!”

“I liked that staff at all levels from chief executive to student champions presented and interacted - thank you.”

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