Local support

An important part of NICE’s work is helping professionals put our guidance into practice. We give local organisations a chance to provide feedback so future guidance can meet their needs.

The NICE field team works with local health and social care services across the country.

Last year we worked with:

  • Acute and specialist NHS trusts – to discuss how our quality standards can help them to improve care.
  • Local authority social care commissioners – to raise awareness about how we can support the work they do.
  • Social care providers – to enhance their understanding of the guidance we provide for their sector.
  • NHS England vanguard services  – to work with them to ensure NICE guidance underpins their improvement plans.

Highlights of 2016-17:

A focus on social care

We met with social care commissioners from local authorities across the UK who were keen to discover how NICE could support their work.

We discussed how our guidance for the transition between hospital settings to community and care home settings for adults with social care needs was being implemented, and whether there was anything more we could do to support their efforts.

The guideline aims to improve the coordination of health and social care services for people that are moving between hospital and community care.

Many of the commissioners said our guidance improved the communication between themselves and healthcare professionals, and that this had undoubtedly improved patient care. 

Supporting the Five Year Forward view

NICE is involved in NHS England’s Sustainability and Transformation plans (STP). Developed by the NHS and local authorities across the whole of England, these plans aim to improve health and care by responding to local needs.

We offer advice on how NICE guidance can help NHS England to deliver their ambitions.

The field team has supported STP programmes by attending local strategy meetings.  Their input has helped to develop evaluation tools that can be used to measure the successes of any local initiatives.

This information will help to identify what is working best. This will ensure local trusts and authorities can contribute to NHS England’s Five Year Forward view.

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